World Peace Tee

World Peace? Even when we name ourselves World Peace

... we struggle to do it. It is at once our greatest human aspiration and over and over again, our greatest human failure.

Most are amused by the irony of a basketball player named World Peace being suspended from the game for the delivery of a vicious elbow to the head of an opponent. The true irony... is in how it reflects our uncivilized selves. We humans. Emotions can get to the best of us, causing all kinds of behavior we usually regret.

World peace is more that an end to war and crime. Can't have peace at home or in the community, without respect for others and responsibility for self. Peace begins with you. Share these values with everyone you know and maybe one day we'll see... world peace.
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World Peace?
Make a social statement with this funny, provocative, too close to home t-shirt. AAA quality heavy cotton tee, in black only, sizes M, L, XL and XXL.
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World Peace t-shirt profits fund values lessons and assemblies for youth in public schools. (501c3)
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